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We are professional printing firm that provides our clients with the highest quality products, on time and on budget. While keeping our prices competitive, we rely on the newest technologies, a knowledgeable veteran staff and nearly a decade of printing experience to create products that are perfect down to the smallest detail.

As a family company, we take family seriously. Our family includes not only our employees, but our clients and vendors as well. You can feel this commitment in our passion for our work, our enthusiastic, dedicated and indefatigable passion force excellence is what set us apart from the crowd. This is a one stop creative home where extreme ideas and extraordinary creativity is traded fir your money welcome

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Recognise Afodavade Brand Logo

Recognizing our official brand logo, our logo is one of our core identity which represent us every where it appear.



it carries our “A” letter representing the company most crucial alphabet and three pointing line specifying three operational field of the company i.e Pr-Press, Press & Post Press Operation. so anywhere this found it core of our identity as dedicated printing firm that produce digital and offset printing works ranging from catalog, magazine, post card, brochure and other array of printing product and services.

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